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BioOne Sciences Mission Statement

BioOne Sciences is on a mission to impact millions around the planet by introducing the new paradigm of healing and health with safe, effective, and affordable supplements for those wanting to use natural holistic approaches.

To introduce a new and more affordable paradigm of healthcare using holistic approaches that enable people to break away from the broken model of the ‘patient for life’ and ‘pill for an ill’ approach.

To educate and partner with those who desire to understand the answers and solutions for chronic symptoms, conditions, and diseases.

To empower all to understand how to use natural, evidence-based approaches for healing, health, and vitality.

To make holistic care and supplementation more affordable for all.

About Us

The conception and realization of BioOne Sciences was born out of our passion for helping people regain their health and vitality and our dedication to transforming healthcare by providing solutions to the complicated and expensive world of quality, therapeutic-grade supplementation that is used in the holistic, naturopathic, and functional care model of health and healing.One of the many broken facets of the current healthcare system is cost, often without long-term real results, leaving hundreds of thousands of people lost in the ‘patient for life’ and ‘pill for an ill’ scenario.

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In 2016, Dr. Elena Villanueva returned to practice after having spent almost 10 years recovering and finding her own answers and solutions when she almost died from a combination of severe symptoms and conditions with no answers or solutions from the traditional medical model. Her own long and expensive journey back to health made her realize that there were many others who also needed help but like her, had run into the dead-end road of no results after spending thousands of dollars hoping for answers and solutions.The high cost of seeing a holistic health expert was a big issue that was preventing many from having the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of holistic approaches so she turned her focus on finding answers for effective AND more affordable holistic health solutions to make evidence-based holistic healthcare more affordable for all. In September of 2017, she founded Modern Holistic Health (MHH) and for the next 15 months, she worked on developing new processes for reducing the costs associated with the traditional doctor-patient visit model.


In 2019 Dr. Villanueva launched her first educational coaching-based platform, MHH Academy, to teach and empower her clients so they could have the opportunity to learn about their own bodies, the root causes of their conditions, and how to use natural approaches to support their body to heal and to track their progress using data from their labs along the way.

By partnering with her clients to teach them how to understand their own bodies, the most common root causes of symptoms, conditions, and diseases, and what actions they could take to heal their own bodies, they found the answers and solutions they were looking for to heal and regain their vibrancy and health.

Making the switch from the doctor-patient model to an information-based coaching and educational platform proved to be an amazingly successful model that has now positively impacted thousands of clients around the world.

Changing to this interactive and empowering model has also reduced the average cost of holistic evidence-based care by over 10X for our clients. By creating the MHH online academy and community people from all over the world have been able to finally take charge of their own health and get their lives back at a much more affordable price.This new paradigm approach to healing and health has created a ripple effect gaining Dr. Villanueva notice from major media outlets, and investigative journalists, and has landed her on several documentaries, summits, and stages around the U.S. where she teaches both practitioners and the public how to use evidence-based approaches to address and resolve chronic symptoms, conditions, and disease including brain-related and mental health conditions.

Thank you so much for supporting our mission!

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Coming soon!

If you want to join our upcoming October 2024 In-person practitioners conference to learn about evidence-based approaches for excellent clinical outcomes, click here to complete this form. We will contact you when tickets go on sale so you can secure your seat and join us to learn our evidence based approaches for consistent and data-driven results.

One of the many broken facets of the current healthcare system is cost, often without long-term real results, leaving hundreds of thousands of people lost in the ‘patient for life’ and ‘pill for an ill’ scenario.