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MHH EPIC Detox Bundle
MHH EPIC Detox Bundle

MHH EPIC Detox Bundle


Our MHH Epic Detox Bundle includes our NEW MCM Detox Formulation! With therapeutic doses of potent detoxifying and binding ingredients like N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAD, Citrus Pectin, Chlorella, and Humic/Fulvic, you are getting the first all-in-one product of its kind on the market today!

You would have to buy separate bottles of each to get the potent doses elsewhere, but in with our mission of driving costs down and making protocols easier and smaller for you, our NEW MCM Detox combines 4-5 bottles of supplements into ONE...

...Plus, it now comes in a 180 count vs. a 90 count. This means 1 bottle for 30 days.

** Get your MHH EPIC Detox Bundle now - Supplies are limited!**


We invite and challenge you to step into your new self -- the self you want to be by joining our global community and our clients as we guide you daily through our Modern Holistic Health's EPIC Detox!

This Bundle Includes the following:

  • VegE Detox Cleanse x 2
  • MCM Detox Plus x 1
  • TCG Activation x 1
  • Advanced Liver GB Detox x 1 
  • FREE Access to our online Detox Support Program with your food guidelines, weekly (sometimes daily support emails), a community chat group, and more....

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